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By the reputation is the Eastern Venice's Shaoxing old city, 2500 ago country's capital city. Constructs in south China long triangle Hangzhou bay the wing. Shaoxing is well-known is distant one of you spinning and weaving birthplaces, number millennium "dye vat" is the Shaoxing spinning and weaving culture miniature, "the dye vat" culture well-established, it symbolizes civilized, elegant, magnificent, is being majestic, it is nationality's arrogant. Now, her Chinese people, dragon teaching other people, also uses the serious wound dark ink, frames her to today, causes it to glow the youth the vigor and the eye-catching brilliance.
Brings honor to appearance of honor the number millennium civilization, molds the modernized enterprise the broad bearing, constructs the first-class enterprise to create the well-known brand is the new day dragon goal. The standard system, the perfect legal person govern the structure, the reasonable science policy-making system, fine defends the highly effective organizational structure, all these gather under the common goal the strong with joint forces impetus enterprise to gallop to front.

Enterprise objective: The quality first, the prestige is supreme, humanist, the development innovation; Enterprise spirit: Crosses a river in a boat together, the professional love hillock, makes determined efforts, the casting is magnificent Management creed: Honest, is sincere, the good faith; Enterprise oral traditions: Xin Tianlong---- my ideal home to return to! Customer satisfaction is Xin Tianlong eternal pursue. 

Makes the high-quality goods, the service is supreme, treasures the resources, the offer society is Xin Tinalong responsibility!


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