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Transition to promote innovation and development   
Company of science and technology development center as a provincial-level enterprise technology center, equipped with automatic shrinkage, strength tester, friction fastness instrument, sample testing machine and a series of advanced testing and research equipment.
Center has a full-time technical staff of more than 40, more than one of the intermediate title 16. Center with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and other research institutes to establish a long-term cooperative relations, in the field of textile printing and dyeing technology to carry out extensive cooperation, joint development of new products, new technology, new formula preparation, improving product technology content and additional value of product. Annual investment of more than 10000000 yuan of funds for scientific research and development, high standards of equipment configuration.
The talent team of high quality, high intensity of the input of funds and scientific research institutes to support energetically, make in the center of the development of new products each year in more than 30, through the provincial identification of new products and a leading domestic level for more than 2 products. The company is currently creating a national technology center.
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