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History as we plot Temple deep inside, it is our future development opportunities

The development process of the company

  In 1992January founded Shangyu City Richvast mechanical refrigeration plant

  1996April the establishment of Shangyu City Denon Enterprises Limited

  In 1998October acquisition of local state-owned Shangyu bleaching and dyeing factory established Denon bleaching and dyeing factory

  2001April the establishment of Denon science and Technology Development Center

  In 2001October acquisition of Zhejiang silk dyeing limited company establishs the Denon printing factory

  In 2001,10menstrual Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce for approval, changed its name to Zhejiang new Denon trade limited company

  2002May the establishment of Shangyu city new Denon trade limited company

  2002September the establishment of Shangyu City Rural Youth Services Limited

  2002November the establishment of Shangyu Denon textile limited company

  In 2004August and the establishment of Shangyu City International Holdings Company Limited joint development of times square in Shangyu City International Times Square

  2005August to set up a new Denon ( Hongkong) Company Limited

  In 2006 6menstrual approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, renamed the new Denon Group Limited company, and the formation of enterprise groups

  2006September set up in Shangyu new Denon Company Limited

  In 2007February acquisition of the establishment of the Hubei Xishui Denon Textile Company Limited

  In 2007May acquisition of large group set up in Shangyu new Denon chemical fiber Limited company

  In 2007October and Asia Holdings joint venture Shangyu Xiamen Metro Trading Company Limited jointly developed the" sunshine holiday".

  In 2008June and the Hongkong sunshine ( Far East ) Company Limited is a joint venture established in Shangyu Jin printing Limited company

  In 2008November and Asia Holdings, bissextile earth group set up joint ventures in Shaoxing Xiamen East Properties Limited, jointly build Shaoxing" big city yard".

  2010October the establishment of the Shangyu Senpu Greek clothing Limited company.



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