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Kinglong printing and dyeing
Shangyu Jin printing Limited company is new Denon Group wholly-owned holding enterprises. The company has total assets of 350000000 yuan, covers an area of 79431 square feet (120 acres ), a building area of 42851square meters.
Companies with an annual output of 160000000 meters of high-grade batik project, to the efficient use of resources and recycling as the core, the use of advanced production equipment and printing and dyeing process, to ensure that the project has high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution, high quality advantage, so as to realize product innovation, industrial upgrading target. The project by the national development and Reform Commission in2008 Sixth Batch of central budgetary investment of progress of technology of industry of project 2009 and the key construction projects in Zhejiang province. A three production line in 2010December put into production, fully operational, will form an annual output of 160000000meters of high-grade wax printed cloth production capacity, products are all exported to Africa and Europe and the United states. Can realize annual sales income 1500000000 yuan, profit tax 150000000 yuan.
Companies pay attention to scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, continuously strengthen the sense of quality, production of the products the A-class product rate has been in the leading domestic counterparts, close to the international advanced level in the same industry.
The company was awarded the Shangyu city exports advanced enterprises such as the honorary title.
Address: Zhejiang Hangzhou Shangyu Bay Industrial Park Road 86,11
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